Hiring a ghostwriter seems straightforward.  You place a request with a social media site or use a search engine.  Responses will flood in.  However, unless you are smart selecting that ghost, time will be wasted.  Or worse.  You could hire a huckster who will take your money and produce little or nothing at all.

Recently I ghosted a memoir for an elderly well-to-do Southern gentleman, an entrepreneur who longed to have his stories in print for future generations of his family to read.   Before I was hired I reviewed the material created by another ghost and had to tell my prospective client the bad news:  He'd paid a ghost $50K for 100 pages of embarrassing twaddle.   We had to begin again.  When I'd finished ghosting the memoir my client delighted.  His family was over the moon about it.  They had a book about which they could feel proud.

Since there is no licensing in the ghost business, there are scammers, posing as ghosts, who swindle the unsuspecting.  It pays to check references and learn how to hire a ghost.

I'm often asked, "Who hires a ghost?"  Anyone who longs to create a professionally prepared book hires one if they don't want to spend years learning the craft of writing and publishing.  I have written for celebrities, entrepreneurs, fitness and medical experts and business leaders and I've written for the family of a fallen hero and a famous fine artist.  It’s estimated that 60 percent to 80 percent of nonfiction books are ghosted and even more novels are being ghosted.   I have experience in ghostwriting fiction and nonfiction.

As you're seeking a ghost, you'll want one who understands that their success depends on the fact that the finished work will only reflect you.  I believe a ghost should be invisible to the reader.  Yes, an agent or publisher, perhaps close family members will know I've ghosted your book, but it should be your voice that is clear in the printed page.

What about confidentiality?  I promise not to divulge discuss our conversations, my research on your book or our work together without permission.  Unlike some ghosts, I never boast about previous clients.  More so, I'm highly selective about the people I work with.  My clients often come through referrals or after a preliminary, free consultation.  At the appropriate time, I will offer references and writing samples.

What is my ghosting specialty?  Memoirs.  It thrills me to translate your life stories into extraordinary, amazing words.  I thrive gathering your stories and creating written memories guaranteed to last forever and to be shared from one generation to the next. 

Your goals are my goals.  I work hard so that the process is easy for you.  I have ghosted more than 70 published books.   Should you choose to self publish or contact an agent, I have extensive experience in every facet publication.  Every client receives my highest professional attention whether they work on Main Street or Wall Street.

Is your next step to call and make an appointment to talk with me?  I hope so.   I am looking forward to meeting you, hearing the stories in your life and helping you leave a lasting legacy in print.

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